Before and After

We’re coming up to the ONE YEAR birthday of Much&Little! The last year has been a whirlwind of activity. We can hardly believe how the shop has grown, the wonderful people and customers we’ve met, and the constant learning that takes place each day.

Part of the fun has been looking back at what the shop was like in the late summer of 2011 and what it looks like today. That was a crazy time getting the space ready for opening day. Enjoy looking at the make-over photos below! Scroll down to see the final “after” shot, courtesy of the multi-talented Dave at the kreative.


This was the space when we first saw it. Didn’t look too inviting… but there was potential!

Yep, behind that old t-bar ceiling was…. another ceiling! Some old walls came down, too.

Time for drywall. 

New lighting is in, now the shelving goes in bit by bit… that was a frustrating job thanks to uneven floors.

Floors are painted, shelves are in, almost there…

The end result!