Wood & Wool

We’ve got some serious local talent in the store! From our very own backyard, we have Gallant & Jones – the partnership of Gwyneth Jones and Tamra Gallant – two amazing craftswomen who hand make elegant yet substantial trays from North American White Oak. The trays are great on their own, but are also made to fit on top of their folding stools to make a lovely side table or TV tray. We also have the work of the very talented Nellija Zi in store. She hand knits the most beautiful and sumptuous Peruvian wool scarves and hats. The colours are natural and earthy with the subtle detailing of her signature recycled leather tag. Her grandma taught her well… very well!


Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Soft and cosy wool scarves and hats with the perfect pom-pom from Nellie Z.

We’re having a party!

We’ve just decorated our window to mark the festive season! The store is feeling very cosy with cedar boughs and the scrumptious smell of our Cocoa & Espresso candles from Sydney Hale.  Lots of new stock is arriving… beautiful enamel cookware from Austria in the sweetest colours (photos to come soon) amongst the shipments. Plus, we’re having a party to mark our grand opening! THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8th from 6-9pm is the date for our wine & cheese fete. We would love to see you there! Send a little RSVP to hello@muchandlittle.com if you can! Sarah xo


A room with a view


Very hard to find and very useful. This folding rule from Sweden is a traditional carpenter’s tool, but it’s great for measuring all sorts of things around the house and then it folds up. Tickety-boo!

Measure twice, cut once!

Beautifully crafted ceramics

Just got in a shipment of beautiful ceramics from Portland-based Pigeon Toe. We were very lucky to visit their shop and studio earlier this year and meet the owner, Lisa Jones. She has such a clear and simple aspiration for Pigeon Toe: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. We think she has done just that. The pieces are skillfully handcrafted and the aesthetic is minimal and natural – destined to become modern heirlooms. Below is a sampling of their products we have available. The mini creamers are delightfully cute and also work well for servings of maple syrup for Sunday morning pancakes. The stacking cups are sold in sets of four and are perfect for dips and sauces, spices, or….. warm sake on a wet Fall evening – kinda like tonight! The footed bowls are both elegant and quirky and would pair well with an airplant. I like your style, Lisa!


Adorable mini creamers with contrasting interior glaze.

Set of four stacking cups in a muslin bag. Such a cute gift idea. 

Footed bowls

Pinecone Camp Blog

The other day a lovely lady came into the shop; we had a chat and she asked if she could take a few photos. She turned out to be Janis Nicolay, an extremely talented interiors/lifestyle photographer and supporter of independent business. She kindly posted the images on her blog, for which I am grateful. Here are some of her beautiful photographs and a link to her Pinecone Camp blog. Thank you, Janis, for your support!

The ladder my handy hubbie made, adorned with mini Pendleton blankets.

Back of the store

An assortment of goods.

Handcrafted knives

A long awaited shipment of beautiful handcrafted knives from New Mexico arrived today. Choose from three knife types in varying designs: marquetry, turquoise and mother-of-pearl.

Handcrafted knives from New Mexico.

Candles from Sydney Hale Co.

Beautiful soy candles in unusual and captivating scents are in store now. Sydney Hale Co. is a family owned and operated business that gives a portion of it’s profits to animal rescue. You gotta love that! The Cedarwood & Vanilla scent is sold out already, but we’re getting a new shipment in the next few weeks.

Hand poured soy candles.

Autumn Puppy

Looks like we aren’t the only ones enjoying the Fall foliage. Bruno, a 5 month old Charcoal Lab, seems to like it, too!


Bruno contemplating Fall.

Shop photos

A few photos of what’s in store now, including sweet little Pendleton blankets. Perfect for baby or a lap blanket. Also lots of lovely gift ideas with the holiday season around the corner.

Pendleton baby/lap blankets. 32×40 inches.

Table of goodies

Pendleton Blankets are in!

As the temperature drops I can imagine cuddling up in a blanket like this one. Pendleton blankets in a variety of Native American patterns are in, and we’re expecting more over the next few weeks!

Pendleton Los Lunas blanket. 50×72 inches.


Here’s a small sampling of wonderful items you can find in the store.

Selection of merchandise

A quirky selection of merchandise in the store.

First Customer

Friends and family have been coming by to visit the shop. It’s great to be located in such a welcoming neighbourhood.

First customer at the store

She really liked the rubber duckies

Opening Day!

much&little opens for business today! It’s a momentous occasion for us after weeks of very long days! So who, you may ask, is the lovely lady in the photo? Her name was Ruby and she was beautiful, vibrant, and lived life to the fullest. Seventeen years ago today, she passed on – and so we open our doors in her honour. Thank you for everything you gave me, Mom. I carry you in my heart and I hope you would be proud. xo

New shipment of Bauer Pottery

The store is almost ready! Just got a new shipment of classic white dishware from Bauer Pottery. This line is from the Russel Wright American Modern collection, originally manufactured in the 1930’s and 40’s – the largest selling dinnerware pattern of that period.

Bauer Pottery dinnerware

Iconic dinnerware from Bauer Pottery

CBC Interview

As many of you know, I’m in the midst of opening a store. Yep, it’s actually happening! I’ll be selling functional items for the home, accessories and women’s clothing. The last few months have been off-the-charts busy with renovations and all the myriad details that go into starting your own business. Shelves are being built, inventory is arriving, and I’m aiming to open the doors in a few short weeks. My friend and neighbour, Shiral Tobin, who is Director for CBC’s The Early Edition interviewed me and Mark for a segment on September 27th. Just click on the link below to hear the interview:

CBC.ca | The Early Edition

Painting the Store

We’re getting ready to open sometime in mid-October. New stock is coming in every week!

Mark and Sarah renovating the store

Here we are after a painting session at much&little. The shelves are almost done.