Something Special for Mum

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 12th and we’ve got some great gift ideas to spoil your one-and-only Mumsie. Check out a few of our favourite ideas below, or pop into the shop this week and browse around. We hope to see you soon! xo


Simple, timeless earrings from local designer, Kara Yoo. Silver or 10K gold. $25 - $50.

Simple, timeless earrings from local designer, Kara Yoo. Silver or 10K gold. $25 – $50. 

From Fresco Towels. Exquisite patterns on super soft Turkish terry cloth. Great for bath or beach. $72.95.

From Fresco Towels. Exquisite patterns on super plush Turkish terry. Great for bath or beach. $72.95.

Necklaces from Iacoli & McAllister.  The brass tubes are adjustable so you can switch up the look. More styles in the shop. $60 - $88.

Necklaces from Iacoli & McAllister. The brass tubes are adjustable so you can switch up the look. More styles in the shop. $60 – $88.

Mini hammered cube earrings by Vanessa Lianne. Silver $52; Brass $45.

Mini hammered cube earrings by Vanessa Lianne. Silver $52; Brass $45.

Just in time for our warm weather. Wear is as a skirt or a dress; makes a great beach cover up. From Sundry. $145.

Just in time for our warm weather. Wear as a skirt or a dress; makes a great beach cover up. From Sundry. $145.

Super soft and cosy pieces made for lounging and lazy mornings. From Sundry. Hoodie $115; Drawstring lounge pans $110.

Super soft and cosy pieces made for lounging and lazy mornings. From Sundry. Hoodie $115; Drawstring lounge pans $110.

Lovely, easy to wear smocked dress from Lauren Moffatt. $210.

Lovely, easy to wear smocked dress from Lauren Moffatt. $210.

Leather purses designed and made in New York City by Baggu. Regular $145, on sale for $116.

Leather purses designed and made in New York City by Baggu. Regular $145, on sale for $116.

The Sleep Shirt. Based on a 19th century chemise found at London's Spitalfield's Market. Locally designed, made in Ontario. Keeping it simple; one size, one shape, two lengths. Short $195; Long $210.

The Sleep Shirt. Nothing could be more comfy to sleep in. Based on a 19th century chemise found at London’s Spitalfield’s Market. Locally designed, made in Ontario. Keeping it simple; one size, one shape, two lengths, unisex. Short $195; Long $210.

Wristlet pouches made from traditional hand-embroidered textiles. Fair trade, supporting women in rural Asia. Regular $98, on sale for $78.40.

Wristlet pouches made from traditional hand-embroidered textiles. Fair trade, supporting women in rural Asia. Regular $98, on sale for $78.40. 

Clever ceramic mugs made to look like time-weathered enamelware. Four colours available. $14.95.

Clever ceramic mugs that look like time-weathered enamelware. Four colours available. $14.95.

Handmade hanging planters from TW Pottery. $59 - $82.

Handmade hanging planters from TW Pottery. $59 – $82.

New Products!

Spring has sprung and the shop is abounding with new products for your use and enjoyment! Beautiful and plush towels, supremely comfortable clog sandals, outfits for baby, the list goes on. See below for pics and details. Or better yet, come in a say hello. xo


We're so excited to be carrying Fresco Towels in amazing patterns and colours. A family-run business, Fresco Towels are made from 100% cotton terry, and they are printed and finished in Los Angeles.  Pre-washed and pre-shrunk, too! We also have a few bathmats.

We’re thrilled to be carrying Fresco Towels in amazing patterns and colours. A family-run business, Fresco Towels are made from 100% cotton terry, and are printed and finished in Los Angeles. It’s hard to decide which design to go with – 6 stunning patterns to choose from. They are also pre-washed and pre-shrunk. We also have a few bathmats.

Fresco towels 2

Fresco towels 1

Sven clogs have finally arrived - back by popular demand. We've added the high heeled t-strap in black, and the medium height red mary-janes. Regardless of height, they are amazingly comfortable. We also have the good ol' standby classic clogs in red and black. Hurry in... these babies ain't going to be on the shelves for very long!

Sven clogs have finally arrived – back by popular demand! We’ve added the high heeled t-strap in black, and the medium height red mary-janes. Regardless of height, they are amazingly comfortable. We also have the good ol’ standby classic clogs in red and black. Hurry in… these babies ain’t going to be on the shelves for very long!

With the warmer weather coming we can think about dressing the babes in lighter garments. We have new stock of Zebi Baby organic cotton t-shirts and bum covers in linen. Love this whale motif!

With the warmer weather coming we can think about dressing the babes in lighter garments. We have new stock of Zebi Baby organic cotton t-shirts and bum covers in linen. Love this whale motif! 

For the little lion in your life!

For the little lion in your life!

Adorable gauzy cotton dress and bum cover with flower embroidery, from Baby YaYa. Perfect for tea parties and warm spring days!

Adorable gauzy cotton dress and bum cover with flower embroidery, from Baby YaYa. Perfect for tea parties and warm spring days!

Super cute old-school wooden toys for your rug rat! Designed and made in Quebec. We love the simplicity of these toys which inspire creative play. The little leprechauns with their suede hats are too cute for words. Happy, happy, happy!

Super cute old-school wooden toys for your rug rat! Designed and made in Quebec. We love the simplicity of these toys which inspire creative play. The little leprechauns with their suede hats are too cute for words. Happy, happy, happy!

Introducing the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker! A very clever design with patent pending that adds to our list of great uses for a mason jar. A four piece set with mason jar included. Makes an great gift, dontcha think?

Introducing the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker! A very clever design with patent pending that adds to our list of great uses for a mason jar. A four piece set with jar included. Makes a great gift, dontcha think?

A stylish and eco-friendly travel mug that keeps your drink hot or cold while remaining comfortable to the touch. Comes with a removable stainless steel tea strainer. Holds 8oz.

A stylish and eco-friendly travel mug that keeps your drink hot or cold while remaining comfortable to the touch. Comes with a removable stainless steel tea strainer. Holds 8oz.

New Lauren Moffatt has arrived

Today is one of those glorious February days that’s meant to remind us that Spring is not far off. As an additional harbinger of the changing seasons, we have our first Spring delivery of Lauren Moffatt in the shop. As usual, her pieces are impeccably lovely. Vintage-inspired, timeless, unexpected, quirky, feminine and flattering. Come visit us and see for yourself! xoxo


Melt your heart with the Love Snap silk blouse, with gold snaps and the sweetest balloon heart print on front and back.  $310

Melt your heart with the Love Snap silk blouse, with gold snaps and the sweetest balloon heart print on front and back. $310

Back detail of the heart blouse.

Back detail of the heart blouse.

The Alley Dress in lightweight striped denim. Just throw it on and go. And it's got pockets! $325

The Alley Dress in lightweight striped denim. Just throw it on and go on your fabulous way. And it’s got pockets! BTW, the photo makes the stripes look diagonal, but they are in fact vertical! $325

The silk pintuck blouse done in a garden plot print. Ms. Moffatt's favourite blouse, redone every season in different patterns.

The silk pintuck blouse done in a garden plot print. Ms. Moffatt’s favourite blouse (and ours), redone every season in different patterns. $295.

A gazillion pintucks grace the back.

A gazillion pintucks grace the back.

The same pattern re-done in a dress! The Backspin Snap dress is sure to turn heads. $415.

The same pattern re-done in a dress! The Backspin Snap dress is sure to turn heads. Woot Woot! $415.

We’re Going Lower!

With Spring clothing deliveries right around the corner, we’re putting further mark-downs on all our Fall and Winter styles! 50% off to be exact (not to mention a few items from summer that are up to 70% off!) Yes, there are some sweet deals to be had. Take a look at the pics below for a refresher on some of the items in the shop.


Ah, the dress that broke a thousand hearts! Lauren Moffatt cream silk dress with crochet details and nude slip. Was $445, now $222.50.

Ah, the dress that broke a thousand hearts! Lauren Moffatt cream silk dress with crochet details and nude slip. Was $445, now $222.50.

Lauren Moffatt Grey Monogram sweater was $225, now $112.50; Silk Skirt with lining originally $325, now $162.50. Red belt is sold separately - was $95, now $47.50 (also available in natural).

Lauren Moffatt Grey Monogram Sweater was $225, now $112.50; Silk Skirt with lining originally $325, now $162.50. Red belt is sold separately – was $95, now $47.50 (also available in natural).

So easy to wear, and you can eat as much as you want in it! Lauren Moffatt silk dress with contrast panel and asymmetrical snaps. Was $415, now $207.50.

So easy to wear, and you can eat as much as you want in it! Lauren Moffatt silk dress with contrast panel and asymmetrical snaps. Was $415, now $207.50.

Thom Dolan Fancy Oxford Shirt was $295, now $147.50; Wool plaid skirt was $295, now $147.50.

Thom Dolan Fancy Oxford Shirt was $295, now $147.50; Wool plaid skirt was $295, now $147.50.

Thom Dolan ombre plaid dress. Originally $325, now $162.50. Belt sold separately - was $98, now $49.

Thom Dolan ombre plaid dress with front darts and pockets. Originally $325, now $162.50. Belt sold separately – was $98, now $49.

Trovata cream and gold lambswool sweater. Was $198, now $99.

Trovata cream and gold lambswool sweater. Was $198, now $99.

Trovata pink and red colour blocked lambswool sweater. Was $198, now $99.

Trovata pink and red colour blocked lambswool sweater. Was $198, now $99.

Trovata striped lambswool cardigan. Was $235, now $117.50.

Trovata striped lambswool cardigan. Was $235, now $117.50.

Gift Ideas Abounding!

It’s been a little crazy in the shop with holiday shoppers braving the cold and wet. But as I write this it’s actually looking quite lovely outside – there’s even a patch of blue poking out behind that little grey cloud. Hello, blue!

Anyhoo, below are some pics of recent arrivals that might be perfect for that special someone on your list. We are pretty much bursting at the seams with lovely items to give and receive. We hope to see you soon. xo


Get organized with these smart and practical chalkboard canisters. The flat lids make them great for stacking and the neutral colour scheme looks great in all kitchens.

Matchsticks in vintage apothecary bottles. Turn it over and the bottom of the bottles have been scored for striking the matches. So clever. So cute. 

Beautifully made ceramic teapots (and teacups and french butter dishes) from Calgary’s Juliana Rempel. We love the combination of the glazes with the red clay (sourced from Medicine Hat). No two are alike, all are beautiful. 

We are finally stocked up on pocket knives from our friends in Santa Fe. Wood marquetry inlays and turquoise adorn these beauties. Assorted patterns and colours available. We also have their bread knives with marquetry handles for the foodie on your gift list. 

Lovely leather pouches with embroidered feather and arrow motifs. Use as a wallet, a cosmetic case, a pencil case… did you know that crossed arrows are a symbol of friendship? Kinda sweet, we think.

Assorted tea towels from San Francisco’s Studio Patro. This one beautiful enough to frame – and wouldn’t it brighten anyone’s day? 

Locally made leather mittens by Bel. These babies are gorgeous – soft, sleek and minimal. And we all know mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves!

Assorted travel kits from Toronto’s Made&Found. Carrie meticulously dyes the fabrics (using all natural dyes) and then sews each bag, complete with interior pockets for smaller items. So well thought out.

Buttery soft leather wallets from Victoria’s Arraworks. Each wallet is ingeniously crafted from one continuous piece of leather. Available in black, natural, robin’s egg blue and dark teal (not shown).

Pendleton blankets in various patterns are back in stock as well. These blankets are keepers – you’ll have them for a lifetime and then pass them on. We’ve got full size blankets, smaller saddle blankets, and baby/lap blankets too! 

Fun, feminine and ethically made wristlet pouches and clutches from Jade Tribe. These bags are made from re-purposed, traditional textiles from Thailand and Laos. The women from the weaving villages that make them are fairly employed by Jade Tribe and benefit directly from their sales.

Before and After

We’re coming up to the ONE YEAR birthday of Much&Little! The last year has been a whirlwind of activity. We can hardly believe how the shop has grown, the wonderful people and customers we’ve met, and the constant learning that takes place each day.

Part of the fun has been looking back at what the shop was like in the late summer of 2011 and what it looks like today. That was a crazy time getting the space ready for opening day. Enjoy looking at the make-over photos below! Scroll down to see the final “after” shot, courtesy of the multi-talented Dave at the kreative.


This was the space when we first saw it. Didn’t look too inviting… but there was potential!

Yep, behind that old t-bar ceiling was…. another ceiling! Some old walls came down, too.

Time for drywall. 

New lighting is in, now the shelving goes in bit by bit… that was a frustrating job thanks to uneven floors.

Floors are painted, shelves are in, almost there…

The end result!

Getting Cosy with Trovata

There’s a lovely crispness in the air these days… almost time for toasty evenings by the fire with a hot toddy in one hand and a good book in the other. Getting cosy in one of these Trovata sweaters is also on the list. Aren’t they great? We love the colour blocking! 100% lambswool, the fit is relaxed and easy. A perfect casual sweater.


Poppy, pink and cream.

Forest, sage and navy. 

Cream, flax and gold. 

Cream and brown striped cardigan with contrast trim. 

Brown crew neck with mustard trim.

Good things update

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of September. I know many people are lamenting the passing of summer, but I have to say these first few days of Fall have been lovely. The seasons will change and time will march on, so go with the flow I say!

Speaking of change, there is much of that at Much&Little! Welcome aboard to the multi-talented Katie, our newest staff member; and sweet farewell to Grant (although somehow I think we’ll still be seeing you in the neighborhood or darkening our doors on occasion).

I’m fighting off a wee cold but carry on I must; holiday orders are to be placed, so sniffles begone! In the coming weeks and months there will be lots of new stuff in the shop, plus replenishment of our favourite items – we are very excited about it all!

It’s always a challenge to stay on top of these blog posts – any attempt at posting once a week has turned out to be more like once a month. But we are on Instagram, which I love – it’s a super quick way share what’s new, or just plain fun. If you have the app, look us up #muchlittleshop and start following! If we’re not blogging, we’re more than likely Instagramming!

Anyway… I did want to share about some wonderful new things in the shop. Below are the details and photos. This week I’ll be getting in a whole bunch of other goodies, so come on in and pay us a visit soon!


Local designer Ashley Watson makes the softest wallets from reclaimed leather garments. I personally own one and love it. Don’t expect these wallets to be stiff and structured. Soft and supple is the name of the game here. Each one is sewn one at a time by Ashley herself. We’ve got the larger button wallets for girls who have more stuff to stash, or the smaller tie wallets for simpler needs.

Inside detail of the smaller tie wallet. 

Inner detail of the larger button wallet; also has an exterior zippered pocket.

Amazing skincare from local, fair trade and organic Fable Naturals. We have their lipbalms (three flavours in a biodegradable cardboard tube); their body balm which is effective on dry areas as well as taming flyaways; and (my personal favourite) the sugar scrub. Use the scrub in the shower and you will have the smoothest, softest skin you can imagine – think baby’s bottom smooth. The scents are intoxicating – I can’t get enough of it!

From TW Pottery in Los Angeles. I’m in love with these earthy, imperfect vases and planters. They are weighty and quirky and one-of-a-kind. I think the vases would also make great utensil holders in my dream coast modern home!

Love these hanging planters with succulents nestled inside. Hmmmm, which glaze is my favourite?

Welcome Thom Dolan!

Fall is in the air and it’s time to start thinking about dressing for the season. Say bye-bye to flip flops and cut-offs, hello to smart tailoring and more pulled-together looks. Yep, it’s the perfect time to welcome Thom Dolan into the shop!

Before lauching her own line in 2010, Thomasine Dolan spent 20 years in the fashion industry working for companies like Giorgio Armani, Bill Blass and Ralph Lauren. She combines classic men’s tailoring, high quality fabrics, and thoughtful detailing for a look that’s feminine, flattering and timeless. Now who wouldn’t Fall for that?


The wool T-shirt dress in mini houndstooth is very wearable and so dear! Love those pockets.

The Smart Dress in a beautiful rich plummy brown with contrasting cotton collar and cuff detail. It’s a perfect Fall dress. We’ve paired it with a Trois Petit Points locket in Caramel. 

The collar detail on the Smart Dress. We love the subtle pink dots!

The Oxford Shirt Dress in ombre plaid is LOVELY. Shown with the leather lasso belt (sold separately).

The Swiss Dot shirt in brown is subtly sheer. Part school girl, part sexy. 

This fabric is crazy beautiful. It’s all in the details baby!

The Pretty Sweater in the loveliest shade of blue. Cotton and cashmere. Shown with the Trois Petit Points enamel locket in white.

Surprise! The buttons go down the back!

The Look of Lauren Moffatt

Our first Fall delivery of Lauren Moffatt has arrived and we are blown away by the beauty of these pieces! If you like clothing that is timeless, vintage-inspired and feminine, then Lauren Moffatt is your girl. A Philadelphia native,  Ms. Moffatt headed to New York at the age of 24 to pursue her dream. She launched her label in October 2000, and has come a long way from sewing hundreds of pieces on her sailboat home on the banks of the Hudson River.

Her love of art and design shines through in her work: the colours, the details, the textures – it’s beautiful. Below is what we have in store now and there’s more to come – we’d love you to come in to take a closer look.


I don’t know how many times you can say “OMG” in a single breath, but that’s what we did when we saw this dress. It’s 100% silk with delicate lace details throughout and comes with it’s own silk slip. Ladylike, timeless and utterly lovely.

The wool Ponyboy sweater paired with the Great Gatsby silk skirt and red leather belt is so charming! The sweater has red and cream banding on the neck, cuff and bottom hem and a cute LM monogram on sleeve. The skirt is lined. Pretty, so pretty. 

The silk pintuck blouse is my personal favourite. A classic piece that will never go out of style. It has asymmetrical snaps that can be unsnapped for a casual look (as shown) or snap it up and tuck it in if you’re feeling dandy. Wear it to work, wear it on a date, wear it on girls’ night – wear it whenever you want to feel lovely.

New James Perse Delivery!

Nobody does casual, comfortable clothing quite like James Perse. They are effortless to wear, and will become the staple workhorses of your wardrobe. We just received a shipment of sweatshirts and pants that are perfect for relaxed weekends and BBQ’s, and two styles of dresses we are simply smitten about. We had to try everything on, so take a look at the pics below!


Ah, clothes to live in! Slubby Raglan sweatshirt in Freshwater has a really nice neckline; Carpenter Pants are cotton with 2% elastine for just the right amount of movement.

Vintage sweatshirt in Prism and Carpenter Pants in Signet. So comfortable, once you put them on you don’t want to take them off!

This is the Shell Dress looking like a dream on J! The colour is the softest shade of blush. I think the picture says it all.

J is wearing the Utility Dress here. It’s a beautiful neckline and we love the colour!

The Utility Dress once again but on a completely difference body type. I’m only 5′ tall!

From Japan

We got some goodies delivered yesterday. Take a peek.


A fine little garden trowel with centimetres marked on the blade so you know how deep you’ve dug. The bright orange prevents it from getting lost in your shrubs! 

Classic notebooks, made since the 1940’s. Hand-stitched binding and superior quality, smooth paper so the ink doesn’t show through the sheet. 

A simple soap dish made from Japanese Hinoki wood. Dove tail joints and a removable insert. Nice.

Clog Love

I’ve always loved clogs and I’m thrilled to now be carrying SVEN clogs in the shop. They are a traditional wooden clog with a Swedish-made sole and leather uppers. For those who think wooden shoes must be uncomfortable, think again. Did you know that back in the day clogs were worn by nurses, factory workers and mine labourers who were on their feet for long hours? Wooden clogs offer excellent support while absorbing shock and protecting your feet. They’ll keep the structure of your tootsies healthy and intact.

Aside from the traditional low-heeled clog in red in black, we also have one style of medium height sandal in tan that is so beautiful. Despite the heel they are unparalleled in comfort – take it from me, Jaezila and Nellije next door who already bought a pair!

We currently only have one of each size in each style so hoof it on over here to get your pair!


The perfect classic clog by Sven. Simple, well-made and timeless. In red and black.

The ultra comfortable and lightweight sandal in tan leather. 

Just the girls showing off our Sven sandals!


We are re-stocked on Trois Petit Points – a lovely, feminine line of jewelry from Paris. We have the enamelled lockets back in stock, as well as the “Plumetis” and “Twist” necklaces. I know my phone does a completely inadequate job of capturing them (note to self: invest in a proper camera soon), but hopefully you get the idea. The colours are beautiful and soft with a romantic edge. So, if you can’t make it to Paris anytime soon, you can wear a little bit of the city around your neck!


Long Plumetis necklace with enamel detail.

Enamelled lockets in seven different colours.

New Things!

I must say I’m terribly behind on my blog posts. Ever have those days/weeks/months when you’re just trying to catch up? Welcome to my world! Anyway, here are a few shots of some new things we’ve got in the shop. We’re always sourcing and getting new things in (in addition to our good ol’ standbys), and we try our darndest to keep the blog updated! Of course, the best thing is to just pop by, check things out yourself and say hellllooooooo! xx


We are re-stocked on the black linen Matteo dress! The perfect summer frock that works for day or evening (shown on left). On the right is a classic shift dress from Mount Pleasant’s own Ad Lib Clothing. So pretty. We’re the first retailer to carry the line and we’re thrilled!

It might look like wood but it’s not. Cast from a tree stump this handmade ceramic clock is a very limited edition from local Czech artist Klara Sumova. We instantly fell in love with it’s beauty and simplicity. Please note the clocks are intended to be hung on the wall, not for the tabletop! 

Also available in brown!

New from Pigeon Toe Ceramics! Mini creamers and pinch pots in delightful colours. Unglazed on the outside with food safe glazes inside. Serving up maple syrup, dips, sauces and spices never looked better.

The forecast is good for this week, and that calls for iced tea or lemonade on the patio! Or maybe sangria and mojitos! What better way to serve it up in these delightful fair trade, hand painted pitchers and cups? So sweet and summery. The pitchers also make great vases for showing off summer blooms.

New product from Otter Wax! The regular Fabric Wax has done well, and now we have their brand new Fabric Dressing too! It gives a factory finish to your canvas and denim goods. Think of the classic Barbour jacket and the finish on it. This is what you can achieve with the Fabric Dressing. For a less intense finish, stay with the Fabric Wax.

Colour and Texture

The first thing most people notice when they come into the shop are the rugs on the floor. We love textiles, and rugs in particular have a way of transforming a space, giving it warmth and character. We think of them as functional art. We’ve managed to source some beautiful kilims, many in smaller sizes that are perfect for tight spaces: entryways, at the foot of a bed, in a small den. They even work as wall hangings or as runners on a console table, cabinet or bench – basically anywhere you want colour and texture! (And what’s a kilim, anyway, you might ask? In short, it’s a handwoven, flat weave rug or tapestry. Ours come mostly from Iran or Afghanistan). Below is a selection of what we’ve just brought it, and there’s more in the shop!


Join us for LATE NITE ART this Friday!


This Friday evening LATE NITE ART is popping up at Much&Little! Join us for a facilitated long table series of collaborative art-making, ambient music, delectable eats and insightful/thought provoking discussion.

The $25 cost includes the workshop and a 3-course meal of local, organic fare. A pretty fine deal, indeed. Space is limited so register before you miss out – it’s filling up fast! For more information and to register, please contact LATE NITE ART.

See you very soon!


Love you, Dad!

To all you Dad’s out there – we want to wish you a very special Father’s Day. Thank you for everything you do – for your time, your support, your faith in us, your words of wisdom… but mostly thanks for being you. Love you. xxoo


This Sunday… don’t forget Dad!

Father’s Day is on Sunday! How will you say thanks to your good ol’ Pop for being there for you? There are so many reasons and ways to tell him you love him. If you’re in a gift-giving mode, below is a quick round-up of ideas.


Locally made wood watch. Assorted styles, $105-$160

Cosy eco-friendly, sustainable slippers. Handmade in Patagonia from wool and salmon leather, $62.

Assorted shop aprons from Vancouver’s own Union Wood Co. Includes the limited edition “Man in Black” apron. Bring out his inner Johnny Cash. $90-$110.

Camano coffee mill, adjustable for a consistent, perfect grind. $72.

Locally made cotton bow ties from Exhibit B Ties. More patterns in the shop. $65.

Handmade cotton ties from Philadelphia’s Forage. $89.

Locally made wallets from Wulf Work. Two styles available. $55-$75(shown).

Cute little shoe shine kit – contains 5 brushes and a chamois. $35.

Large and roomy classic rucksack, crafted by artisans in Minnesota. Leather and waxed canvas. $210.

Waxed canvas messenger bag. Handmade in USA. $150.

Durable cotton canvas briefcase. Also available in brown with black straps. $100.

Classic duffle bags. Built to last. $115.

Make his man-cave smell nice with pure, all natural room sprays that bring home the scent of the Pacific North West. $24.95.

Waiter’s knives with wood marquetry inlays. Made in Sante Fe. $57.

Whale shaped knives. Handcrafted in Japan. $55.

Iacoli & McAllister

I’ve been lagging behind on my blog posts lately, but I’m finally able to share about another great arrival, from yet another talented design team.

Iacoli & McAllister is a Seattle based atelier headed by Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister. I love this quote, taken directly from their website: “Our process is one part exploration, one part learning curve, one part affection, one part sheer strife, and one part caffeine. We also really like to travel and sleep.”

Their collection is broad and includes a jewelry line that is intriguing for its minimalism and architectural sensibility. The necklaces are made with long ultra suede cords that are threaded with either hexagonal brass nuggets, or brass square tubes, some of which are powder coated in black, red or nude. One of the designs has adjustable tubes making it brilliantly simple and complex at the same time. Pictured below are four styles, but we’ve got more colours and combinations in store. Come see! All photos courtesy of Iacoli & McAllister.



Tie One On (literally!)

Judging by the weather, you’d never know it was Spring, but these lovely bow ties from Vancouver’s Exhibit B have certainly added a touch of spring to our step. They’re handmade in limited editions from 100% cotton in a smattering of dandy patterns like seersucker, madras plaid and polka dot denim. Ideal for that summer wedding or graduation party.

Alison Hartford is the creative brainchild behind the newly launched label. For the past ten years she’s been designing couture and custom wedding gowns for Manuel Mendoza as well as under her own name. We’re thrilled that she’s branched out with Exhibit B and super thrilled to be carrying it!

The ties are cleverly packaged in reusable glass jars with a turn of the century sensibility. For those of us who haven’t mastered the art of actually tying a bow tie, there are even step-by-step “how to” instructions included.  Exhibit B gets a grade A in our books!

Below we’re showing the two Madras ties we have right now, but we’ve got many more patterns in the store with more on their way. Images courtesy of Nordica Photography.


Pink Madras tie. 

Green Madras tie. 

Luscious scents are filling the air!

Hey everybody, we are finally restocked on a Much&Little favourite! Sydney Hale soy candles are back again – we’ve got 10 scents, including a new one: Bergamot + Black Tea (it might just be our new favourite). We love ordering from Sydney Hale, not just for their wonderful product but because it’s a small business with a big heart: they donate 10% of their profits to animal rescue. And that’s not small change. Come and pick one up to add a little boost to your day.  xo


Sydney Hale candles have a burn time of 50 hours. After you’re done with it, save and clean it out to use as a drinking tumbler. 

Thank you, Mom!

To all you MOMS out there – we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day! We know how hard you work, so hopefully you’re well taken care of today. Thank you for all you do, for always being there, for loving and supporting us. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! xoxo


Forrest with his Mom.

New arrivals!

The store is looking nice and full at the moment. We’ve got new shipments of Small Trades shirts and tunics, and James Perse is arriving with more to come in the next week or so! Below is a sample of a few things in the shop. There’s much more in store, so come on by!



James Perse tunic/dress in Griphon; also available in white.

James Perse boatneck sweater in Sail Blue. 

Small trades tank top in the softest cotton.

Great sleeveless tunic/dress in navy stripe.

One of our best selling 3/4 sleeve T-shirts now in RED!

3/4 sleeve boatneck in blue stripe

Don’t forget Mom!

Look at this cute photo I dug up – that was my momma back in the day! I love looking at treasured family photos, especially of my parents. It’s comforting and nostalgic rummaging through these old snapshots. Ruby is no longer with us, but with Mother’s Day coming up on the 13th, I think of her with the fondest memories. Yes, I miss her dearly, but I’m also thankful and appreciative for the wonderful mother I had. For all she did for us kids, for her sacrifices, for putting up with my crap.

So don’t forget about your mom this Sunday. Make her breakfast in bed or treat her to brunch (that’s on my wish list!), pamper her with a massage, or just give her the day off! There are lots of things in the shop that would make great gift ideas and we’d love to help you pick something out, but first and foremost, let Mom know how much she means to you. You’ve only got one mom! xoxo


Proud moment!

What a thrill it was when a friend brought in the June issue of Canadian House & Home. Every month they have a Style Files feature where they highlight a new shop they deem worthy of a visit. Much&Little is this month’s feature store! I have to say the spread looks wonderful, thanks to the talented eye of local photographer, Janis Nicolay. Such an honour to be featured – can’t thank you enough Canadian House & Home!



We are freshly re-stocked on cute and quirky terrariums from local gal, Andrea Wong! Have a knack for killing houseplants? No problem –  these are a cinch to maintain. Just a spritz of water every couple weeks and these guys thrive in their humid little homes. If they get too ‘sweaty’ inside just pop open the lid for a half-day breather. Housed in vintage mason jars with zinc lids, these tropical plants add a charming touch of greenery to your life .


Charming terrariums personalized with little glass figurines.

From Paris with love

We’re getting more jewelry in at Much&Little, and another line we’re very excited about is Trois Petit Points, made in the romantic capital of the world. These pieces are feminine, delicate and simply lovely. Of particular note are the enamel lockets pictured below. The colours are soft and romantic and the chain is a very flattering longer length. The locket measures 2.5 cm long, so you can actually put a decent sized photo inside. We think these would make a wonderful gift for someone very special. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner this may be your answer!


Beautiful lockets from Trois Petit Points. Other styles from this line are in the shop. Come by and take a peek!

Something old for something new

Thanks, Melanie, for bringing by more of your jewelry today! Melanie is the creative force behind A Farmer’s Daughter and In Good Company – two jewelry lines made from little vintage treasures like New York City subway tokens, CN Rail markers, and Art Deco inspired brass pendants. It’s the type of jewelry you can wear everyday with t-shirts and jeans. And with every piece under $50 they make very affordable gifts for someone… or yourself!


My favourite is the vintage NYC subway token (second from left)

Art Deco inspiration

It’s in the Bag!

After a long, hard search we are most proud to be carrying handcrafted bags from Minnesota-based Frost River. This company is comprised of a tight-knit group of artisans who make goods of the highest integrity using tin-cloth (aka waxed cotton canvas), premium leathers, solid brass hardware and heavy-duty cotton webbing. The result is superior quality, handsome bags that can withstand the rigours of daily use and the outdoor elements. Frost River has been doing this long before waxed canvas goods were so in vogue –  a testament to their heritage of classic, reliable soft goods – guaranteed for life!


School’s almost out but who says you still can’t sport a fetching book pack? This one is simple and straightforward but has everything you need: comfortable straps, a reinforced bottom, internal zippered pocket, double buckle closure. 

A classic knapsack with a large top flap to keep things secure. Adjustable wide canvas straps for comfort, internal zippered pocket, and a handy grab loop. 

A generously sized tote bag for everyday and everywhere. Has four internal snaps to cinch it closed, adjustable leather handles, internal zippered compartment. Great for the farmer’s market. 

This briefcase is so gorgeous – I want it for myself but I’ll sell it to you if you want. It has it all: lots of internal compartments to stay organized, a large open exterior pocket plus two smaller ones, leather base and handles, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Makes a perfect carry-on, too.

Handwoven hammam towels

These handwoven cotton towels are a Much&Little favourite, not just for their good looks but also because of their versatility and practicality. They’re 100% cotton and perfect to travel with because they don’t take up much space. Traditionally used in Turkish baths, they also make wonderful beach blankets, tablecloths, runners, lightweight throws, shawls, sarongs, impromptu picnic blankets …. okay, we think you get the point!


Hammam towels measure 38″ x 78″. Shown in white with thin black stripes, white with irregular stripes, and grey.

Also available in pearl grey with thin off-white stripes, and taupe with black stripes.

Buttery Soft Baggu

The shape of these carry-alls is borrowed from the classic Baggu reusable nylon tote, but they’ve redone them in super soft leather. Perfect for tossing all your stuff into – a great, simple everyday bag. And for all who’ve been asking… we are getting the Baggu  nylon shoppers in soon. Will keep you posted!


Black leather Baggu is effortlessly chic.

The “apricot” leather will only get better with age. You have to feel it to believe how soft it is.

So excited to have Trovata in the shop!

Yippee! Spring-Summer TROVATA is now in!


Great casual shirt dress in blue chambray. Wear it loose or belted.

Peek-a-boo floral lining in the pocket.

We’re loving this military-inspired jacket.

Great little collar detail, too! 

Blue chambray blazer with contrast lining.

More Matteo….

Here are the pics we promised you yesterday of the delivery from Matteo. They are mostly known for their sumptuous bedding lines (of which we carry the duvets and pillowcases) but they also have a line of simple, wearable clothing that epitomes laid-back casual style. All Matteo goods are made in their Los Angeles studios.


My personal favourite. A casual but elegant summer dress in black linen.

This summer-weight linen tunic is so breezy and comfy. Also available in Natural.

Paired down unisex overalls in the softest heavy weight linen. Adorable!!!

100% cotton hooded tunic. The perfect length if you want to hide the junk in your trunk. 

The softest thermal cotton makes Matteo’s hoodie perfect for casual days.

It’s all about Linen…

Nothing epitomizes a spring-summer wardrobe more than linen…. and we’ve just unpacked a shipment of lovely linen tunics, dresses and overalls from Matteo. The dresses and tunics are timeless, breezy and body-skimming. The unisex overalls are slouchy, chic and casual at the same time. Colours are classic Matteo: earthy and subdued shades grey. More pics to come soon!


Linen overalls and dresses from Matteo

Colourful Enamelware is More than Meets the Eye

Yesterday we spent the greater part of the day unpacking a shipment of enamelware from Riess, the Austrian market leader in enamel cookware. Yes, the colours are wonderful (pastel shades of pink, green and yellow so befitting for the season) and the forms are functional and attractive, but there are a few pertinent things about this company that make their products truly stand out:

  • Riess has been making enamelware for over 80 years, and their roots go back to 1550. The family firm has been committed to sustainability ever since.
  • Riess uses only environmentally friendly resources in their enamelware production. Porcelain enamel is 100% recyclable and can easily be returned to the ecological raw materials cycle.
  • Riess employs sustainable energy management and uses 100% green energy in their enamelling.
  • Riess has drastically reduced their water consumption and waste water thanks to their own water processing plant.
  • Riess has environmental programs in place including the goal of heating their entire business with residual heat and eventually be independent of fuel oil.
So there’s the lowdown on this centuries old business. Not only are their products practical and beautiful, but they have a deeply ingrained commitment to the environment for future generations. And this, we like!

Riess enamel cookware

Beaucoup de Bookhou

A shipment of goodies has arrived from Bookhou. One of my favourite designers. I love the natural, earthy aesthetic of these textiles so I had to get a bit of everything. Onesies with animal prints for the littlest ones in your life, summer weight linen scarves with her signature prints, simple zippered pouches, some of our best-selling tea towels (in Spring, Triangle and Whale print), and the much loved laser cut alphabet in birch ply. Something for every room, and everyone, in the house!


Moose onesie (for 6-12 months) with cloth bag; also available in Whale and Bear print.

Linen loop scarf with Triangle pattern; also available in Rain.

Zippered pouches

For the love of tea towels!

Now I know my A-B-C’s

Bagg Lady

Leather pouches from New York’s BAGGU arrived today! The larger size could function as a clutch and the smaller ones are perfect for loose change, credit cards, lipstick, love notes…. The leather is as soft as butter and the colours are great.We’ve got basic black for the purist, a lovely tan for the classic, and for those who want a fashionable pop of springy colour we have grapefruit (large size) and mint (small).

We also have tote bags in the same sumptuous leather, available in black and tan. Photos to come soon!


Small pouches

Large pouches

A Cut Above

Utilitarian knives never looked as good as these. From a family run studio in New Mexico we’ve received a beautiful selection of bread knives, waiter’s knives and pocket knives. Each one is masterfully crafted with wood inlays and no two are the same.


Bread knives

Waiter’s knives

Lockback knives

Colour Explosion

I know it snowed yesterday, but today I sense…. Spring. It definitely feels like it in the shop with the shipment of Bauer Pottery that we madly unpacked today. The colours are so cheery and uplifting and are putting a huge smile on my face. We’ve got batter bowls, mixing bowls, cake stands, syrup pitchers and butter dishes. Think of it as functional colour therapy.

Bauer Pottery of Los Angeles reproduces vintage works of the original J.A. Bauer Pottery which flourished from the 1880’s to the mid 60’s. They use the original pieces as models with special emphasis on those produced in the 30’s and 40’s. Classic colours are reproduced using lead-free glazes. The new Bauer pieces are so much like the originals that even avid collectors sometimes need to do a double take.


The perfect little butter dish, shown in Turquoise and also available in Bauer Orange, White, Chartreuse, and Aqua. Serious eye candy!

Batter bowl in Bauer Orange. Great for mixing omelettes or pancakes, or displaying fruit. Just don’t hide her in the cupboard! Also available in Aqua, Turquoise, Dove Grey and Chartreuse. 

Small pitcher in Chartreuse plus other happy colours. Use it for syrup, cream, gravy, flowers…. 

Cake stand in Aqua. I would bake a cake just to put it on this stand. Other colours available, too.

Mixing bowls in Butter Cream. Four sizes available. Also comes in Dove Grey, Turquoise and Classic White.

Kapow for Cuppow!

A couple of our dear customers turned us on to this very clever product. CUPPOW. It’s a simple thingamabob that turns a wide mouth canning jar into a travel mug. Simply unscrew the canning jar lid and remove the seal, replace it with CUPPOW, then screw the lid back onto the jar. Voila – mess proof drinking! Better yet, it’s BPA free, 100% recyclable and dishwasher safe. Thumbs up, I say!


Brass and Copper

New shipment of jewelry from Chicago’s Laura Lombardi! Here’s a few pics of some of the items we’ve got available. All made from carefully selected vintage and repurposed materials. Lovely….so lovely.


Targan bracelet 

Rosemary locket

Remigial necklace

Mantle earrings

Otter Wax!

I love it when the postman makes a delivery. Yesterday a shipment from Portland-based Otter Wax arrived. And what, pray tell, is Otter Wax? It’s fabulous, that’s what. It’s a completely natural line of fabric wax and leather care products that are non-toxic and silicone/petroleum free.

The fabric wax is beeswax and lanolin-based and can be used to make all manner of canvas and denim goods water repellent. Just what we need for these damp days! Use it on canvas shoes, jackets, hats, rucksacks… you name it. Try it on your jeans, tin cloth, nylons shells, waxed fabrics.

We also carry Leather Care sampler kits. Such a great idea – these kits include the essentials for cleaning, restoring and water-proofing all your leather goods without the use of stinky headache-inducing chemicals. Just good ol’ things like beeswax, shea butter, flax seed oil and essential oils. There’s a 2 oz. tin of Saddle Soap to clean and remove stains; a 2 oz. tin of Leather Salve to moisturize and restore suppleness; and 2.5 oz bottle of Leather Oil that protects, shines and waterproofs. Easy as 1-2-3! Plus, everything comes packaged up in a tidy little burlap sack – very nice.


New Small Trades to put a Spring in your step!

We’re making room for a new delivery of our beloved Small Trades shirts. Two new styles of tunics have arrived, as well as the cutest cap sleeved t-shirt and a basic white 3/4 sleeve shirt. They’re classic pieces that will never go out of style. Older styles now marked-down to make room for the new guys!


Sleeveless tunic can be worn as a dress or over your favourite skinny jeans

3/4 sleeve striped tunic

Capped sleeve t-shirt

Classic white 3/4 sleeve boatneck

Long sleeve banded shirt in red and navy on sale! Regular $75 on sale for $56.25. 

All Small Trades tank tops on sale. Regular $45, now $33.75.

Random Acts of Kindness

Love Tree by Forrest


We’re sure you know that next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, but did you know it’s also Random Acts of Kindness Week? We’ve decided to spread a little L-O-V-E to show our customers just how much you mean to us.

First off, we’ll be open for business on Monday, the 13th from 11 to 6. We’re normally closed on Mondays, so we thought any last-minute Valentine’s shopping types might appreciate that!

Secondly, for all of next week (Monday, Feb 13th to Sunday, Feb. 19th) when you come in you can enter a draw to get a 10, 15, or 20% discount off your purchase of regular priced merchandise (*this discount does not apply to rugs). To get in on the deal, you just have to let us know you heard about it on our newsletter or blog.

And last, but by no means least, we are donating a portion of next week’s net profits to HEAL CANADA, a local charity aimed at improving the lives of people living in Eastern Africa and locally. Some of their projects include funding reparative surgeries for victims of sexual violence or traumatic childbirth; safe motherhood and prenatal care programs; and the advancement of education for women and children.

We hope to see you soon, so we can send a little love your way…. and keep spreading it around!

Sarah and the much&little team. xoxo

Wooden Timepieces

Yesterday we got a delivery of these beautiful wooden watches. They’re extremely comfortable, light weight and well-priced. Made of plantation grown sustainable Sandalwood with Japanese mechanism, they can easily be sized to fit all. Better still, they’re designed and handcrafted in Coquitlam. YAY for yet another beautiful local gem! These would be a good gift idea for that special, smoochy kind of day that’s just around the corner!


Men’s wooden watches in sandalwood, maple and dark sandalwood.

Ladies’ wooden watches in sandalwood and maple.

Introducing Matteo

We’ve got a new line of products in store! Matteo is a Los Angeles, CA based designer and maker of beautiful, high quality bedding. The look is subdued elegance in soft and natural hues. Everything is made in their LA workshop to the highest standards. We’re carrying some of their 100% cotton duvet covers and casual loungewear. Think of curling up at home with a good book and a glass of wine. Hmmmm… maybe I can get off work early today….


The Channel duvet cover adds a subtle, timeless texture to your bed. It’s available in Queen size in White and Ash Grey. 

The simple and classic Nap duvet cover with signature 2″ flange detail. Available in Queen size in Ash Grey and Pewter.

A tunic length hoodie that’s perfect for layering over leggings for lazy days. We’ve got it in Cloud White and Earth Grey.

Good ol’ favourites are back!

We’re freshly re-stocked on scented soy candles from Sydney Hale. A bunch of you have been asking about them, so thanks for being patient. The good old standbys like Fir+Blue Sage and Tobacco+Sandalwood are here, as well as some new ones! The postman also delivered a long awaited shipment of bird calls from France. Each one is packed with love and care into a sweet wooden box. We have a new birdie in this line-up too: the Mourning Dove. For all you bird lovers out there!


Hip hip hooray, they’re back in the shop!

French bird calls

A perfect t-shirt

I love a classic striped shirt, and I think I’ve found it with Small Trades. This one has a universally flattering boatneck with 3/4 sleeves. It’s made of the softest 100% cotton and is slightly fitted without being clingy. I took two of mine on holiday recently and pretty much wore them everyday. They’re easy to wear, super versatile and non-fashiony. Sure to be one of your wardrobe staples.

Small Trades was inspired by a photo story shot by Irving Penn in the 1950’s documenting women and men representing the tools of their trade. The 100% cotton panel rib t-shirts are the first project under the Small Trades label. They’re made in the USA in a factory that’s been family owned and operated since 1907.

We’ve also got other styles in stock, as well as a shipment of short-sleeved t’s and tunics coming next month! Stay tuned….


Stripes, anyone?

For Bruno….. or Monty, Winston, Precious, Ruby, Artemis, Ginger, Scout……

Yesterday we received these handsome collars and leashes crafted from bridle leather for durability and suppleness, and solid brass hardware that won’t rust or break. Don’t let their fetching good looks put you off – pooch can still swim and roll in the mud with these as quality natural leather will outlast any fabric or synthetic material. Collars have a quick release buckle for convenience. We’ve got three sizes: XSmall, Small and Medium. Bruno, our 8 month-old lab is modelling size medium, with plenty of room left to grow into. The leashes come in two lengths: 6′ and 4′.


Bruno sporting size Medium in 1″ width (also available in 3/4″ width)

Collars made from golden tan bridle leather 

Our 6′ lead with braided detail and solid brass hardware; also available in 4′ length

Warm and Toasty

We’re so happy to have received Chilote House Shoes from Patagonia. They’re an award winning product that combines social inclusivity, craft and sustainability. The slippers are made from free-range patagonian wool; the soles are comprised of repurposed up-cycled salmon leather, a by-product of the commercial fishing industry. They are soft, cosy and durable. Each pair is geo-tagged with a QR code that leads to the geographical and production information of the artisans who made the slippers. By working with independent artisan groups, they are given a chance at fair, dignified and sustainable sources of income. We like!


Comfy, cosy, sustainable, conscious design.

Leather craft

I think the smell of freshly worked leather is my new favourite scent. These handsome wallets from Vancouver’s Wulf Work just walked through the door. Hand sewn and burnished, they feel as good as they look, and they look and good as they smell!


Leather goods from Wulf Work

Japanese Wellies

Just received a shipment of Japanese wellies! We love a good rainboot, and what makes these different from some others out there is the softness of the rubber. They’re originally made for rice field workers so they’re very flexible and pliable. They easily fold up so you can pack them in a bag for travel, too! Another great feature is the back buckle which allow the boots to be cinched snug or loose around your calves.


While you may not be planning to harvest rice anytime soon, you can still sport a handsome pair of wellies!

The buckle at the back of the boots

You can roll them up for travel!

What a Doll!

Look what we got today! Local, handmade dolls from Fait Pour Toi. Each sweetie is one-of-a-kind and made with vintage fabric, bits of lace, and buttons to create her own unique personality and outfit. Comes with her own felt carry case so she can be toted around with ease. This is the stuff that memories are made of.


Handmade dolls from Fait Pour Toi

Whale Knives

We’re re-stocked on our much loved whale shaped knives. Made by Tetsu Yamashita, a sickle maker who has been certified by the Japanese government as a Traditional Japanese Craftsman. He was asked to make a knife with a round head so kids could sharpen pencils. They became so popular that he made two more styles…. and we’re so happy he did!

Japanese whale shaped knives.

For your drinking pleasure….

Some of you may remember Duralex tumblers from your childhood. We’ve got these classic French bistro glasses in stock and love them for so many reasons.  They’re dishwasher safe, good for hot and cold beverages, stack beautifully, and are shock resistant (no wonder they’ve been used by French schools and savvy French moms for years!). Each glass is stamped on the bottom with the number of the mold in which it was made. With such classic good looks and a great price point (sets of 6 start at $14.95) who wouldn’t want to pick up a set or two?

Our other line of glasses we’re just as excited about is Colorado-based Wine Punts. They collect wine bottles from restaurants, cut off the top and use the bottom as a drinking glass! It’s actually not quite so easy, but you get the idea. The rim is fire-polished for a smooth surface and to prevent chipping and cracking. Smart! Guys in particular like them because they have a substantial feel in hand. Being a completely recycled product, each glass has unique variations. We’ve got two colours in 16oz and 12oz sizes.


Duralex Picardie tumblers available in three sizes

Duralex Gigogne tumblers in two sizes

Wine Punts in Aqua

Wine Punts in Olive

Arrived today!

One of our favourite items is back in stock: Fair Trade handmade scissors from India. Made by a master artisan, the handles are sand-cast brass and blades are hand-forged tempered steel. The larger pair are perfect for fabric or paper (don’t use the same pair for both!); the smaller are great for trimming your bangs!


New Year’s Wishes

Hola, Friends! 2012 is upon us and so it’s time to send out some well-wishes to set the tone for the New Year. 2011 has been a huge year of growth, learning, challenges and obstacles to overcome. Looking back, it’s been bloody hard work and extremely gratifying at the same time. None of it could have been accomplished without the love and support of dear friends and family, and I repeat, none of it.  I exit 2011 with a huge sense of gratitude, and I enter 2012 with hope and commitment to the future. At the risk of being schmaltzy here are some heartfelt words for all you wonderful people out there who may chance upon this blog with an open ear:

  • May 2012 be filled with true blessings of love, joy, contentment, health, success, and ease.
  • May you surround yourself with your “tribe” – those people who know you, hear you, encourage you, and tell you the truth gently.
  • May you be courageous and confident in following your dreams. Don’t let others poo-poo your aspirations (this is why you need a tribe). Somehow, you will find your way – and if you still have doubts, come talk to me and I’ll set you straight!
  • May your endeavours be met with success, but not at the expense of your mental or physical health or the relationships with those closest to you.
  • May you cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to have a few bad/crabby/disorganized/lazy days.
  • May you remember that small kindnesses can go a really long way – and may you be the recipient of many.

Wishing you all a beautiful 2012.

Sarah xoxo

Oh, and by the way, the shop will closing at 3pm on New Year’s Eve and opening again on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Give a little, get a little!

Help us help others! This Saturday only, we invite you to aid our efforts to fill our Food Bank box. Bring in a non-perishable food item and you’ll receive 10% off your purchase (sorry, this discount does not apply to rugs). See you soon!

Beautiful Bags

When we saw these bags from Portland’s Vanport Outfitters, it was a serious case of bag-lust. Durable, well-crafted, and classic – these beauties are built with longevity in mind. Owner Nicholas Everett spent 17 years crafting custom canvas products for yachts and sailboats. His skill with construction techniques comes through in every bag, as does his finely tuned aesthetic. Made from durable waxed canvas with leather detailing and trim. Currently we have two styles of backpacks, a tote, and ipad case.

Pendleton Blankets

It’s been busy in the shop so we’re a bit behind on filling you in on what’s in store. We just received a shipment of blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills. The quality of these blankets is unsurpassed. The patterns in stock are from their series which honour the stories and histories of Native Americans, Pendleton’s original and most valued customers. They would be perfect on a bed or sofa, and make stunning wall hangings as well. Come on in and check them out!

Wood & Wool

We’ve got some serious local talent in the store! From our very own backyard, we have Gallant & Jones – the partnership of Gwyneth Jones and Tamra Gallant – two amazing craftswomen who hand make elegant yet substantial trays from North American White Oak. The trays are great on their own, but are also made to fit on top of their folding stools to make a lovely side table or TV tray. We also have the work of the very talented Nellija Zi in store. She hand knits the most beautiful and sumptuous Peruvian wool scarves and hats. The colours are natural and earthy with the subtle detailing of her signature recycled leather tag. Her grandma taught her well… very well!


Breakfast in bed, anyone?

Soft and cosy wool scarves and hats with the perfect pom-pom from Nellie Z.

We’re having a party!

We’ve just decorated our window to mark the festive season! The store is feeling very cosy with cedar boughs and the scrumptious smell of our Cocoa & Espresso candles from Sydney Hale.  Lots of new stock is arriving… beautiful enamel cookware from Austria in the sweetest colours (photos to come soon) amongst the shipments. Plus, we’re having a party to mark our grand opening! THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8th from 6-9pm is the date for our wine & cheese fete. We would love to see you there! Send a little RSVP to if you can! Sarah xo


A room with a view


Very hard to find and very useful. This folding rule from Sweden is a traditional carpenter’s tool, but it’s great for measuring all sorts of things around the house and then it folds up. Tickety-boo!

Measure twice, cut once!

Beautifully crafted ceramics

Just got in a shipment of beautiful ceramics from Portland-based Pigeon Toe. We were very lucky to visit their shop and studio earlier this year and meet the owner, Lisa Jones. She has such a clear and simple aspiration for Pigeon Toe: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. We think she has done just that. The pieces are skillfully handcrafted and the aesthetic is minimal and natural – destined to become modern heirlooms. Below is a sampling of their products we have available. The mini creamers are delightfully cute and also work well for servings of maple syrup for Sunday morning pancakes. The stacking cups are sold in sets of four and are perfect for dips and sauces, spices, or….. warm sake on a wet Fall evening – kinda like tonight! The footed bowls are both elegant and quirky and would pair well with an airplant. I like your style, Lisa!


Adorable mini creamers with contrasting interior glaze.

Set of four stacking cups in a muslin bag. Such a cute gift idea. 

Footed bowls

Pinecone Camp Blog

The other day a lovely lady came into the shop; we had a chat and she asked if she could take a few photos. She turned out to be Janis Nicolay, an extremely talented interiors/lifestyle photographer and supporter of independent business. She kindly posted the images on her blog, for which I am grateful. Here are some of her beautiful photographs and a link to her Pinecone Camp blog. Thank you, Janis, for your support!

The ladder my handy hubbie made, adorned with mini Pendleton blankets.

Back of the store

An assortment of goods.

Handcrafted knives

A long awaited shipment of beautiful handcrafted knives from New Mexico arrived today. Choose from three knife types in varying designs: marquetry, turquoise and mother-of-pearl.

Handcrafted knives from New Mexico.

Candles from Sydney Hale Co.

Beautiful soy candles in unusual and captivating scents are in store now. Sydney Hale Co. is a family owned and operated business that gives a portion of it’s profits to animal rescue. You gotta love that! The Cedarwood & Vanilla scent is sold out already, but we’re getting a new shipment in the next few weeks.

Hand poured soy candles.

Autumn Puppy

Looks like we aren’t the only ones enjoying the Fall foliage. Bruno, a 5 month old Charcoal Lab, seems to like it, too!


Bruno contemplating Fall.

Shop photos

A few photos of what’s in store now, including sweet little Pendleton blankets. Perfect for baby or a lap blanket. Also lots of lovely gift ideas with the holiday season around the corner.

Pendleton baby/lap blankets. 32×40 inches.

Table of goodies

Pendleton Blankets are in!

As the temperature drops I can imagine cuddling up in a blanket like this one. Pendleton blankets in a variety of Native American patterns are in, and we’re expecting more over the next few weeks!

Pendleton Los Lunas blanket. 50×72 inches.


Here’s a small sampling of wonderful items you can find in the store.

Selection of merchandise

A quirky selection of merchandise in the store.

First Customer

Friends and family have been coming by to visit the shop. It’s great to be located in such a welcoming neighbourhood.

First customer at the store

She really liked the rubber duckies

Opening Day!

much&little opens for business today! It’s a momentous occasion for us after weeks of very long days! So who, you may ask, is the lovely lady in the photo? Her name was Ruby and she was beautiful, vibrant, and lived life to the fullest. Seventeen years ago today, she passed on – and so we open our doors in her honour. Thank you for everything you gave me, Mom. I carry you in my heart and I hope you would be proud. xo

New shipment of Bauer Pottery

The store is almost ready! Just got a new shipment of classic white dishware from Bauer Pottery. This line is from the Russel Wright American Modern collection, originally manufactured in the 1930’s and 40’s – the largest selling dinnerware pattern of that period.

Bauer Pottery dinnerware

Iconic dinnerware from Bauer Pottery

CBC Interview

As many of you know, I’m in the midst of opening a store. Yep, it’s actually happening! I’ll be selling functional items for the home, accessories and women’s clothing. The last few months have been off-the-charts busy with renovations and all the myriad details that go into starting your own business. Shelves are being built, inventory is arriving, and I’m aiming to open the doors in a few short weeks. My friend and neighbour, Shiral Tobin, who is Director for CBC’s The Early Edition interviewed me and Mark for a segment on September 27th. Just click on the link below to hear the interview: | The Early Edition

Painting the Store

We’re getting ready to open sometime in mid-October. New stock is coming in every week!

Mark and Sarah renovating the store

Here we are after a painting session at much&little. The shelves are almost done.