Gift Ideas Abounding!

It’s been a little crazy in the shop with holiday shoppers braving the cold and wet. But as I write this it’s actually looking quite lovely outside – there’s even a patch of blue poking out behind that little grey cloud. Hello, blue!

Anyhoo, below are some pics of recent arrivals that might be perfect for that special someone on your list. We are pretty much bursting at the seams with lovely items to give and receive. We hope to see you soon. xo


Get organized with these smart and practical chalkboard canisters. The flat lids make them great for stacking and the neutral colour scheme looks great in all kitchens.

Matchsticks in vintage apothecary bottles. Turn it over and the bottom of the bottles have been scored for striking the matches. So clever. So cute. 

Beautifully made ceramic teapots (and teacups and french butter dishes) from Calgary’s Juliana Rempel. We love the combination of the glazes with the red clay (sourced from Medicine Hat). No two are alike, all are beautiful. 

We are finally stocked up on pocket knives from our friends in Santa Fe. Wood marquetry inlays and turquoise adorn these beauties. Assorted patterns and colours available. We also have their bread knives with marquetry handles for the foodie on your gift list. 

Lovely leather pouches with embroidered feather and arrow motifs. Use as a wallet, a cosmetic case, a pencil case… did you know that crossed arrows are a symbol of friendship? Kinda sweet, we think.

Assorted tea towels from San Francisco’s Studio Patro. This one beautiful enough to frame – and wouldn’t it brighten anyone’s day? 

Locally made leather mittens by Bel. These babies are gorgeous – soft, sleek and minimal. And we all know mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves!

Assorted travel kits from Toronto’s Made&Found. Carrie meticulously dyes the fabrics (using all natural dyes) and then sews each bag, complete with interior pockets for smaller items. So well thought out.

Buttery soft leather wallets from Victoria’s Arraworks. Each wallet is ingeniously crafted from one continuous piece of leather. Available in black, natural, robin’s egg blue and dark teal (not shown).

Pendleton blankets in various patterns are back in stock as well. These blankets are keepers – you’ll have them for a lifetime and then pass them on. We’ve got full size blankets, smaller saddle blankets, and baby/lap blankets too! 

Fun, feminine and ethically made wristlet pouches and clutches from Jade Tribe. These bags are made from re-purposed, traditional textiles from Thailand and Laos. The women from the weaving villages that make them are fairly employed by Jade Tribe and benefit directly from their sales.

Good things update

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of September. I know many people are lamenting the passing of summer, but I have to say these first few days of Fall have been lovely. The seasons will change and time will march on, so go with the flow I say!

Speaking of change, there is much of that at Much&Little! Welcome aboard to the multi-talented Katie, our newest staff member; and sweet farewell to Grant (although somehow I think we’ll still be seeing you in the neighborhood or darkening our doors on occasion).

I’m fighting off a wee cold but carry on I must; holiday orders are to be placed, so sniffles begone! In the coming weeks and months there will be lots of new stuff in the shop, plus replenishment of our favourite items – we are very excited about it all!

It’s always a challenge to stay on top of these blog posts – any attempt at posting once a week has turned out to be more like once a month. But we are on Instagram, which I love – it’s a super quick way share what’s new, or just plain fun. If you have the app, look us up #muchlittleshop and start following! If we’re not blogging, we’re more than likely Instagramming!

Anyway… I did want to share about some wonderful new things in the shop. Below are the details and photos. This week I’ll be getting in a whole bunch of other goodies, so come on in and pay us a visit soon!


Local designer Ashley Watson makes the softest wallets from reclaimed leather garments. I personally own one and love it. Don’t expect these wallets to be stiff and structured. Soft and supple is the name of the game here. Each one is sewn one at a time by Ashley herself. We’ve got the larger button wallets for girls who have more stuff to stash, or the smaller tie wallets for simpler needs.

Inside detail of the smaller tie wallet. 

Inner detail of the larger button wallet; also has an exterior zippered pocket.

Amazing skincare from local, fair trade and organic Fable Naturals. We have their lipbalms (three flavours in a biodegradable cardboard tube); their body balm which is effective on dry areas as well as taming flyaways; and (my personal favourite) the sugar scrub. Use the scrub in the shower and you will have the smoothest, softest skin you can imagine – think baby’s bottom smooth. The scents are intoxicating – I can’t get enough of it!

From TW Pottery in Los Angeles. I’m in love with these earthy, imperfect vases and planters. They are weighty and quirky and one-of-a-kind. I think the vases would also make great utensil holders in my dream coast modern home!

Love these hanging planters with succulents nestled inside. Hmmmm, which glaze is my favourite?

This Sunday… don’t forget Dad!

Father’s Day is on Sunday! How will you say thanks to your good ol’ Pop for being there for you? There are so many reasons and ways to tell him you love him. If you’re in a gift-giving mode, below is a quick round-up of ideas.


Locally made wood watch. Assorted styles, $105-$160

Cosy eco-friendly, sustainable slippers. Handmade in Patagonia from wool and salmon leather, $62.

Assorted shop aprons from Vancouver’s own Union Wood Co. Includes the limited edition “Man in Black” apron. Bring out his inner Johnny Cash. $90-$110.

Camano coffee mill, adjustable for a consistent, perfect grind. $72.

Locally made cotton bow ties from Exhibit B Ties. More patterns in the shop. $65.

Handmade cotton ties from Philadelphia’s Forage. $89.

Locally made wallets from Wulf Work. Two styles available. $55-$75(shown).

Cute little shoe shine kit – contains 5 brushes and a chamois. $35.

Large and roomy classic rucksack, crafted by artisans in Minnesota. Leather and waxed canvas. $210.

Waxed canvas messenger bag. Handmade in USA. $150.

Durable cotton canvas briefcase. Also available in brown with black straps. $100.

Classic duffle bags. Built to last. $115.

Make his man-cave smell nice with pure, all natural room sprays that bring home the scent of the Pacific North West. $24.95.

Waiter’s knives with wood marquetry inlays. Made in Sante Fe. $57.

Whale shaped knives. Handcrafted in Japan. $55.

Bagg Lady

Leather pouches from New York’s BAGGU arrived today! The larger size could function as a clutch and the smaller ones are perfect for loose change, credit cards, lipstick, love notes…. The leather is as soft as butter and the colours are great.We’ve got basic black for the purist, a lovely tan for the classic, and for those who want a fashionable pop of springy colour we have grapefruit (large size) and mint (small).

We also have tote bags in the same sumptuous leather, available in black and tan. Photos to come soon!


Small pouches

Large pouches

Otter Wax!

I love it when the postman makes a delivery. Yesterday a shipment from Portland-based Otter Wax arrived. And what, pray tell, is Otter Wax? It’s fabulous, that’s what. It’s a completely natural line of fabric wax and leather care products that are non-toxic and silicone/petroleum free.

The fabric wax is beeswax and lanolin-based and can be used to make all manner of canvas and denim goods water repellent. Just what we need for these damp days! Use it on canvas shoes, jackets, hats, rucksacks… you name it. Try it on your jeans, tin cloth, nylons shells, waxed fabrics.

We also carry Leather Care sampler kits. Such a great idea – these kits include the essentials for cleaning, restoring and water-proofing all your leather goods without the use of stinky headache-inducing chemicals. Just good ol’ things like beeswax, shea butter, flax seed oil and essential oils. There’s a 2 oz. tin of Saddle Soap to clean and remove stains; a 2 oz. tin of Leather Salve to moisturize and restore suppleness; and 2.5 oz bottle of Leather Oil that protects, shines and waterproofs. Easy as 1-2-3! Plus, everything comes packaged up in a tidy little burlap sack – very nice.


For Bruno….. or Monty, Winston, Precious, Ruby, Artemis, Ginger, Scout……

Yesterday we received these handsome collars and leashes crafted from bridle leather for durability and suppleness, and solid brass hardware that won’t rust or break. Don’t let their fetching good looks put you off – pooch can still swim and roll in the mud with these as quality natural leather will outlast any fabric or synthetic material. Collars have a quick release buckle for convenience. We’ve got three sizes: XSmall, Small and Medium. Bruno, our 8 month-old lab is modelling size medium, with plenty of room left to grow into. The leashes come in two lengths: 6′ and 4′.


Bruno sporting size Medium in 1″ width (also available in 3/4″ width)

Collars made from golden tan bridle leather 

Our 6′ lead with braided detail and solid brass hardware; also available in 4′ length