Don’t forget Mom!

Look at this cute photo I dug up – that was my momma back in the day! I love looking at treasured family photos, especially of my parents. It’s comforting and nostalgic rummaging through these old snapshots. Ruby is no longer with us, but with Mother’s Day coming up on the 13th, I think of her with the fondest memories. Yes, I miss her dearly, but I’m also thankful and appreciative for the wonderful mother I had. For all she did for us kids, for her sacrifices, for putting up with my crap.

So don’t forget about your mom this Sunday. Make her breakfast in bed or treat her to brunch (that’s on my wish list!), pamper her with a massage, or just give her the day off!¬†There are lots of things in the shop that would make great gift ideas and we’d love to help you pick something out, but first and foremost, let Mom know how much she means to you. You’ve only got one mom! xoxo