Fall Coats & Jackets

As lovely as summer was,  fall is here, which means warm sweaters, thick scarves, and digging out those perfect leather boots. Included in the line up for fall trends are coats and jackets, which we have aplenty. With some new lines in the shop, and gorgeous silhouettes lining our racks, we wanted you to see what kind of outerwear you can expect to see from us this season. There are cocoon coats, wrap coats, and even a cropped jacket or two that are perfect for those chilly days approaching.



The Long Coat by Black Crane can be worn loose and open, or belted and fitted for alternative looks


The Volga Coat in black from French brand Harris Wilson

The Volga Coat in black from French brand Harris Wilson



The Raphia Cardigan from Harris Wilson is a great option for warmer days



The gorgeous classic silhouette on the long coat from Noa Noa wraps around you with snap buttons and a belt



This short black Jacquard jacket from Noa Noa is an easy way to dress up jeans and a tee



This Nice Things double breasted cream coat is a relaxed take on the classic pea coat



A fun black and white throw over jacket from Portland-based designer Reif Haus



The Howe coat from Ursa Minor can be worn closed or open, for those days when you need to bundle up


The Ursa Minor Howe coat worn open



The Pacome coat from Des Petit Hauts comes in heather grey has a fun cocoon shape with a single gold button