New Things!

I must say I’m terribly behind on my blog posts. Ever have those days/weeks/months when you’re just trying to catch up? Welcome to my world! Anyway, here are a few shots of some new things we’ve got in the shop. We’re always sourcing and getting new things in (in addition to our good ol’ standbys), and we try our darndest to keep the blog updated! Of course, the best thing is to just pop by, check things out yourself and say hellllooooooo! xx


We are re-stocked on the black linen Matteo dress! The perfect summer frock that works for day or evening (shown on left). On the right is a classic shift dress from Mount Pleasant’s own Ad Lib Clothing. So pretty. We’re the first retailer to carry the line and we’re thrilled!

It might look like wood but it’s not. Cast from a tree stump this handmade ceramic clock is a very limited edition from local Czech artist Klara Sumova. We instantly fell in love with it’s beauty and simplicity. Please note the clocks are intended to be hung on the wall, not for the tabletop! 

Also available in brown!

New from Pigeon Toe Ceramics! Mini creamers and pinch pots in delightful colours. Unglazed on the outside with food safe glazes inside. Serving up maple syrup, dips, sauces and spices never looked better.

The forecast is good for this week, and that calls for iced tea or lemonade on the patio! Or maybe sangria and mojitos! What better way to serve it up in these delightful fair trade, hand painted pitchers and cups? So sweet and summery. The pitchers also make great vases for showing off summer blooms.

New product from Otter Wax! The regular Fabric Wax has done well, and now we have their brand new Fabric Dressing too! It gives a factory finish to your canvas and denim goods. Think of the classic Barbour jacket and the finish on it. This is what you can achieve with the Fabric Dressing. For a less intense finish, stay with the Fabric Wax.