Riess Enamelware, Bauer Pottery, and Fog Linenworks

We’ve always been fans of classic, well-made goods for the home that have stood the test of time. We’ve recently been restocked on two brands that we’ve carried since the shop opened – Riess Enamelware and Bauer Pottery – and a new edition to our collection, Fog Linenworks. Below is a bit of history…

Riess is an Austrian based company that has roots dating back to 1550. They began making high-quality porcelain enamel kitchenware in 1922, and the company is currently run by the ninth Riess family generation. The company philosophy revolves around sustainability, ecological vision and social responsibility. Their manufacturing is powered by green energy from three hydroelectric plants and their production process is carbon neutral.

Riess pots

Riess cookware consists of four coats of porcelain enamel applied to a steel core. Porcelain enamel has no artificial elements in it and is completely recyclable into scrap metal. It can be used on all heat sources, is nickel-free, scratch-resistant, non-porous and easy to clean. Morever, it comes in the best colours! We’ve got lidded casseroles, baking dishes, saucepans, ladles, milk pots, and mixing bowls.

Bauer Pottery is another favourite collection of ours. The company’s roots date back to 1878 in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1910 J.A. Bauer moved production to Los Angeles, California where the company expanded it’s designs and colour selections. In the 30’s the famous “ring designs” were added to all manner of vessels – butter dishes, mixing bowls, candle holders, and honey pots to name a few. The most famous period for Bauer Pottery had begun and the company enjoyed years of success. Eventually things changed, and in the early 60’s the company shut down it’s production. As time passed, original Bauer pieces became highly collectable.

It wasn’t until years later in 1998 that current owner, Janek Bonieki, purchased the rights to reproduce classic Bauer designs. Using original vintage pieces, new molds were made. Original and new colours were developed – without the use of harmful elements like lead and uranium! A new era of Bauer Pottery was born and we can now enjoy replicas of the original pieces.

In the shop you’ll find creamers, sugar bowls, mixing bowls, egg cups and butter dishes in all colours!



Fog Linenworks was started by Japanese designer Yumiko Sekine after her own search for affordable everyday linens came up short. She travelled to Lithuania, where flax has been grown and spun into linen since the Middle Ages. This began her relationship with Lithuanian makers who produce all of Yumiko’s designs. She started with seven items in her line, and ten years later there is a large and growing line of linen homegoods – including clothing – which we also carry!

It just so happens that all these collections coordinate beautifully with each other. We hope you will come in and see them in person!

Fog Linen