Fits Puzzles


Fits Puzzles

42.00 CAD

Find your inner peace with a frame-worthy jigsaw puzzle from Vancouver's Fits Puzzles. When you're done, they look good enough to put on your wall!

Puzzles are a great way to calm your hectic brain. Just like meditation, puzzling stimulates the release of dopamine, a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter. Crazy, right? With Fits Puzzles, there's no more guessing whether a piece fits or not. Their one-of-a-kind punching tool make sure every puzzle piece fits perfectly into the adjacent piece. 

Choose from three designs:

TRIPPY DIPPY - Welcome to Trippy Town. Featuring strange shaped butterflies, soaring stars and all-seeing eyes. This psychedelic puzzle is for those who love bright, poppy colour. Diffculty: Easy/Medium. Artist: Olivia Di Liberto

TIGER QUEEN - Meet her majesty, the Tiger Queen. Who wouldn't want this lady's life as she lays around, drinks wine and eats fruit...with her pet tiger. Difficulty: Medium. Artist: Lay Hoon Ho

CHEERS! - Grab a drink, it's time to puzzle. High contrast, bright colours and texture will help guide your puzzle pieces into place. Difficulty: Hard. Artist: Quinn Poer

'SUP DOG - Who let the dogs out? We did! This 1000 piece puzzle is perfect for any dog lover. Difficulty: Hard. Artist: Naomi Wilkinson

THINGAMAJIGS - This is a throwback to the ISpy book days. Spot it, find it, place it with this collage-style 1000 piece puzzle. Difficulty: Easy. Artist: Beth Hoeckel

OASIS - This 1000 piece puzzle will have you dreaming of your next vacation—hopefully sooner rather than later. Difficulty: Easyish. Artist: Rhi James


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