12.95 CAD

Omnom is a small batch artisan chocolate maker based in Reykjavik, known for their unique flavours. Their milk chocolate has distinctive notes of the fermented milk commonly found in Iceland. 60g bars.

Black'n'Burnt Barley: This jet black bar contains three critical, and unique, ingredients - burnt barley, lava salt and popped barley - that are combined with fine white chocolate to create a bar with a crunchy texture and intriguing malty and charcoal like taste. 38% Cocoa.

Dark Milk of Tanzania At 65%, this is very much a dark milk chocolate. The high cocoa content gives the bar a richness, while the addition of milk creates a thick and indulgent texture.

Lakkris & Raspberry: An irresistible combination of liquorice and raspberries. Omnom grinds down the liquorice root and dried raspberries before adding organic cocoa butter to the mix. The outcome is this incredible blend. To capture the lakkris de résistance, Omnom sprinkled raspberries on top. 40% Cocoa.

Superchocoberrybarleynibblynuttylicious: A veritable superfood indulgence made with 70% dark chocolate topped with almonds, cocoa nibs, cranberries and popped barley.

Milk & Cookies: Milk chocolate topped with spiced almond and oat cookies.  

Nibs & Raspberry: Dark chocolate sprinkled with dried raspberries and crunchy cocoa nibs  

Spiced White & Caramel: White chocolate with orange peel, cinnamon and malt, topped with crunchy, salted caramel

Sea Salt + Toffee: Toffee chocolate sprinkled with Icelandic sea salt, with a hint of cookie


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