Fjåk Chocolate


Fjåk Chocolate

12.95 CAD

Fjåk Chocolate is Norway’s first bean to bar chocolate maker! Fjåk focuses on ethically traded, organic cacao beans while using fresh ingredients inspired by their surrounding Nordic nature. Starting the chocolate journey in 2015, owners Agur and Siv spent two years experimenting and perfecting their chocolate. Fjåk was officially launched in 2017 and already won multiple awards by 2018.

The name Fjåk comes from the Hardanger dialect, where people in the region would refer to each other as fjåk. It roughly translates to ‘loveable’ or ‘honest’ and well chocolate is the most loveable thing in the world!

  • 100% Organic
  • Ethically traded
  • Produced in small, single origin batches
  • Handcrafted in Norway
  • 53g

Madagascar Milk 60%
This bar contains hints of citrus and cherry fuse with an after taste of caramel.

India Dark 68%
With this bar, enjoy the flavours of toasted tea cake and malt. It is an intensely raisin and sultana-laden flavour, with an ultra creamy and smooth melt. This 68% is an outstanding example of Indian cacao.

Oatmeal Porridge
Creamy vegan white chocolate made with oats and a delicious crunch of sugar, topped with a pinch of cinnamon.

Lingonberry & Reindeer Lichen 70%
Rich dark chocolate with notes of black cherry, citrus & autumn berries from the Norwegian mountains.

White & Blackcurrant Pie
Creamy white chocolate paired with tart blackcurrant and a granola pie crust.

Waffles & Brown Cheese
Caramelized white chocolate with brown cheese topped with Norwegian waffles and strawberry.

Milk & Brown Cheese 45%
Round creamy milk chocolate with a crunch of Norwegian goat cheese from Undredal Stølsysteri & Nordic salt from North Sea Salt Works

White & Carrot Cake
Caramelized white chocolate with carrot.

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