25.95 CAD

Field Kit's purpose is to reimagine everyday objects so that they strike a balance between being thoughtful and practical, minimal and impactful in design. We believe that beauty and utility can be found in everyday objects and that this combination is found when goods are crafted simply and with purpose.

  • 100% soy wax
  • clean burning cotton wick
  • reusable glass jar with lid
  • fine fragrance oils
  • 8 oz
  • 50+ hours burn time
  • handmade in Calgary, AB

The Home  coffee  |  brown sugar  |  vanilla - Tantalizing drips of bitter coffee, stirred with a heaped spoonful of sugar and a generous helping of cream.

The Solarium   fig | mint | basil - Sunlight streams in to touch the leaves of a fig tree, ripe with fruit. The earthy, stickiness of fig blends with the herbaceous scent of basil.

The Explorer   bergamot | cedar | ginger | basil - Travels to a far off exotic land. Tart bergamot plays with the sharpness of ginger, and the grounding scent of basil. 

The Sauna   eucalyptus | balsam | pine | cedar - Eucalyptus-scented steam rises to meet cedar-panelled walls. Wrap yourself in a fluffy towel, then take it off and jump in the snow.

The Lumberjack   vetiver | lemon | smoke | tonka beans - A log cabin sits amongst tall pine trees, surrounded by neatly stacked wood. The heavy note of smoke mingles with the sweetness of birch. 

The Beekeeper   wild honey | orange | clover | musk - Wild meadows, abuzz with bees. The sweetness of honey blends with the crispness of clover, underlain with white musk. 

The Professor apple | rose hips | bergamot | tea - An oak desk in a dusty study. Velvety paper, warm earl grey and crisp apple.

The Fire pine | sandalwood | birch + clove - Burning birch in a crackling fire, sweet and warm.

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