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Unique incense sticks that look like matches

  • Each box contains 8 incense sticks
  • Includes a heat-resistant mat to rest burning incense on
  • Lights easily without a lighter or match
  • Each stick burns for 10 minutes
  • Made in Japan

Signature Fragrance Series

Lemongrass - Both sweet and bittersweet, the scent of lemon and something that reminds you of a green meadow are freshness itself. Restorative and refreshing.
Geranium - Blends the sweetness of a rose with a green note. Restore the balance of an insecure spirit.
Ylang YlangA slightly exotic fragrance with a rich and sensual sweetness. Relieves tension and creates a deep sense of satisfaction.
Tea Tree
A spicy fragrance with cool freshness. Calms your frustrations or feelings of depression to feel refreshed.
A refreshing citrus aroma diffusing crisp fragrances under the wintry sky. Ideal for warming and relaxing the mind and body numb with cold.

Japanese Fragrance Series

Japanese Cypress - A fragrance of trees enveloping your mind with a nostalgic serenity. Soothes a restless mind and brings back clear thoughts.
Sandalwood - A fragrance that brings you to another world with mysteriously-profound sweetness. Eliminates tensions, ideal reflecting on your inner self.
Cinnamon - A tender and agreeable fragrance that includes spicy sweetness. Invigorates low spirits and helps regain a positive frame of mind.

Burning instructions:

Strike the incense stick as if you were lighting a match and allow it to flame out. Place the smoking incense stick on the included mat. Do not leave unattended and do not burn more than one stick at once. 

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