The School of Life


The School of Life

19.95 CAD

Prompt cards with thought-provoking ideas, questions and quotations.

  • Designed to keep a variety of consoling and invigorating arguments at the front of our minds, ready for the greater and smaller challenges of our lives.
  • 60 cards
  • 04mm x 73mm x 36mm

Confidence: prompt cards to help us find confidence and battle against timidity. They remind us, for the sake of confidence, not to think too well of others; to speak to ourselves in kinder tones; and to remember that the greatest thing we should fear isn't messing up, but dying without having given it a go.

Kindness: prompt cards for compassion and empathy. They present us with a series of thoughts that nurture our sympathy, our powers of compassion, and our appetite for forgiveness. They return us to who we always want to be and deep down already are: kind people. 

Know Yourself: prompt cards to help us understand ourselves better. Each card carries an exercise on one side and a piece of analysis on the reverse to help you gain insight and clarity on that ever elusive subject: yourself.

Career Crisis: prompt cards contain ideas and questions designed to unblock career crises and free up our thinking around work - setting us on a path to a job that will tap into the best parts of us

Everyday Adventures: suggestion box to spark the imagination, revive the spirit and motivate us towards the slightly more adventurous lives we long for - through little prompts, tasks and journeys. 

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