much&little is a repository of household goods, women’s clothing and everyday objects that embody simplicity, beauty, quality and function. We offer a changing selection of humble yet hearty housewares, clothing, and handcrafted accessories.

While we source our products from all over (independent designers, local gems, heritage brands, and fair trade artisans), all items share the ideals of thoughtful craftsmanship and timeless appeal.

We are thrilled to grow our roots in the vibrant community of Mount Pleasant in Vancouver, BC and to be surrounded by other independent shops, restaurants and gathering places. Within our four cosy walls we aim for a balance between utilitarian good looks, natural materials, quirky details, and a touch of nostalgia.

The story of much&little…

much&little opened its doors in the Fall of 2011. It grew from a desire to create a personal shop that offers beautiful, timeless, well-made goods and clothing. Each item has been hand-picked for aesthetics and function, and also for the story behind it that creates lasting value. Where was it made, how and by whom? We seek out products that have been created with love and care, with attention to detail and craft. Goods are sourced from all over, but we have a special place in our hearts for independent designers and other small businesses. On our shelves, you’ll find products from local designers all the way to European heritage brands.

In early 2014 we expanded our space to accommodate a growing collection of women’s apparel and accessories.

In keeping with the original vision of the shop we offer clothing from creative and conscious independent designers with timeless appeal, most of which are made in North America. We are particularly fond of natural materials like linen, cotton, wool and silk.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has encouraged the following of dreams and the taking of chances! To friends, family (you know who you are!), folks in the community and especially customers who show their support and make each day worthwhile. In the end it’s about connection and community; none of this would be possible without you.

With love and gratitude,