Fall Highlight

It's hard to deny the seasonal shift - fall is here, with it's telltale crisp mornings, leaf-carpeted sidewalks and shorter days. If you're anything like us this change in the weather is the signal to get out your favourite cozy sweaters, and an excuse to pick up something new. Our racks are filling up with beautiful pieces that will breath some new life into your wardrobe and last for years to come.

Here’s a peak at what you can expect in store this season:

Feels Like Home

Student housing is notoriously sterile, with lots of decor restrictions. No paint is one thing, but some dorms have bolted down furniture! Chances are that off-campus basement suite you scored isn’t much more forgiving, either. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a home to be proud of, though - a few key pieces can really make your space!

Take Note

Who isn’t drawn to a fresh notebook? Maybe it’s the eye catching cover, the smell of fresh ink, or just the possibility of blank pages. Whatever it is, it’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful new notebook…and just as easy to never use it. Raise your hand if you have a pile hardly used (or totally blank) notebooks stashed away somewhere. 

Knowing how you journal will tell you what to look for in your next stationary companion. So, how do you journal?