Student housing is notoriously sterile, with lots of decor restrictions. No paint is one thing, but some dorms have bolted down furniture! Chances are that off-campus basement suite you scored isn’t much more forgiving, either. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a home to be proud of, though - a few key pieces can really make your space!

Unique textiles

Bedding, rugs, and curtains are all simple things that make your space feel homey and warm, and you get to bring them with you when you move onto your next place. Look for pieces that feel like you - throw blankets and pillows are an easy way to inject personality into your space. Bonus if your textiles are machine washable, like this monstera leaf rug. 

Lean framed prints

Lean larger prints on the floor, smaller on your desk or a shelf. The frames make the prints look more polished and grown up, while leaning them gives a boho feel that won’t leave holes in the wall. 

Room Sprays

Tap into the power of scent memory - using a scent you love around your room will help you link it with feelings of familiarity and comfort. Different scents are linked to different feelings - lavender will help you calm down, while citrus scents will wake you up. Bonus: unlike scented candles or incense, these sprays pass fire inspection.

Creative storage

Making sure everything has a place will make your space feel bigger - however, storage isn’t always plentiful, and you might have to bring the organization. Opt for storage that doubles at decor; woven baskets are a chic way to store laundry, extra bedding, or any other essentials you want to tuck away. 

Repurpose Stationery

Create a gallery wall using greeting cards. Use keepsakes or source cards that work as mini-prints. Washi tape is a great option for adhesive - it won’t peel paint, and it comes in fun prints and colours that you can use to add extra interest.

Go Green

Plants add life to a space, and many house plants are air purifying. If you don't enough sun - or a green thumb - to sustain an urban jungle, artificial plants still give you that homey atmosphere. Save on floor space and opt for a hanging planter that doubles as decor.