Who isn’t drawn to a fresh notebook? Maybe it’s the eye catching cover, the smell of fresh ink, or just the possibility of blank pages. Whatever it is, it’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful new notebook…and just as easy to never use it. Raise your hand if you have a pile hardly used (or totally blank) notebooks stashed away somewhere. It's not a bad habit, you just haven't found the right notebook yet. 

Knowing how you journal will tell you what to look for in your next stationary companion. So, how do you journal? 


The Memoirist

Your journal is your diary - you set aside time to recount your day, your feelings, and your emotions. Your diary is your ledger, a record of who you are. Since you write ritualistically - probably in the morning or before you go to bed - you don’t have to worry about a book that transports easily. Pick something large, with enough pages to last through at least a season of constant writing. Choose a notebook that feels gratifying to write in - whether that’s an ornate cover, a sturdy leather binding, or gilded pages. Treat it like wine or dark chocolate; choose a notebook you want to savour.

The Memory Keeper

This style of journaling is more like scrapbooking - you save tickets and photos, and you’re just as likely to sketch as you are to write. Look for a journal with lay-flat binding, so you can get the most out of your pages, or a spiral notebook to accommodate additions. Notebooks with either blank pages or a mix of blank and lined will give you ultimate flexibility. Try creating pockets inside the cover for keepsakes that can’t be glued down. You might be drawn to a colourful cover, but you’ll make even the simplest cover your own. 

The Planner

You practically invented bullet journalling - you are all about getting things done, and your notebook is full of to-do lists and plans. The Focus Journal has you in mind - it includes flexible templates for goal tracking, calendars, and daily journaling pages. Look for notebooks that help you organize your thoughts - the planning is as important as the execution! 

The Reminder

You’re not a journaler so much as a note taker - always jotting down a movie recommendation or a grocery list. You need something small and portable that can be slipped into a pocket or purse. A no-fuss reporter style notebook does the trick and as a bonus, you can store a pen in the spiral binding so you’re always ready to go. 


The next time you're perusing the stationery section, there's no need to second guess yourself - you'll know the perfect journal when you see it.