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Chile’s first bean-to-bar chocolate! These 80g chocolate bars are made from sustainably sourced beans grown by small farmers.

Earl Grey: A light, sweet, extremely elegant chocolate.  64% chocolate, naturally infused with Earl Grey. This bar is vegan and made in microbatches in Peru. 

Masala Chai: Imagine the most delicious cup of rich hot chocolate, steeped slowly with some cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger. Well, now you have it in a bar of chocolate! This 64% cacao spiced tea chocolate is perfect for a cold winter day. This bar is vegan.

Dulce de Tres Leches: Rich, caramel & buttery. A classic Chilean cake in a bar! This bar is made from 38% white chocolate.

Cahuil Sea Salt:  This 70% Cacao chocolate bar itself is made from just two ingredients: organic cocoa beans, unrefined and organic cane sugar. Sprinkled with a little sea salt that boughts directly from the artisan producers of the Cáhuil salt flats, a national heritage of Chile.

Smoked Chili: Authentic, smoked chili pepper from Chile’s indigenous Mapuche culture. Dark chocolate made from 65% cacao. 

Murta Berry: Exotic & aromatic Patagonia Murta berry, lightly dusted with tart raspberry. Made from 37% white chocolate.

Cacao & Cafe: Two beans in a bar! Both the cacao and coffee beans used are single-origin and from Peru. The coffee notes in this chocolate are floral, elegant and leave a delightful aftertaste. 64% and lactose free.

Pangoa Peru:Made with beans from the Pangoa region of Peru, this bar embodies everything a great chocolate bar should possess: buttery smoothness, great structure, amazing aroma, complex and intricate flavour interactions and developments, a finish like the inside of a spent wine glass: smooth, crystalline, and oozing with residual flavour.

Maqui Nativo: Patagonia’s native superberry provides subtly sweet notes & high antioxidants in this incredible 50% Obolo bar.

Dark Milk: This rich, creamy dark milk chocolate is loaded with fruity and caramel notes. To make this special dark milk bar, Obolo combines sustainably sourced cacao beans from the Pangoa Cooperative in Peru together with powdered whole milk sourced from the COLUN Dairy Cooperative in Southern Chile where cows graze freely on green and nutrient-rich prairies

Muna Muna: Wild, hand-collected Andean peppermint from the Atacama Desert mixed with 66% cocoa chocolate

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